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v8.4.0 of Driver Booster Driver Booster, a free driver updater service, is reviewed in detail?

v8.4.0 of Driver Booster: Driver Booster, a free driver updater service, is reviewed in detail

v8.4.0 of Driver Booster Driver Booster, a free driver updater service, is reviewed in detail?
Download Driver Booster v8.4.0

Driver Booster is a free Windows driver updater service that scans for expired drivers on a regular
 basis and also install and upgrade all of them with a single click!

Per driver, the package is downloaded directly from the software, and batch updating allows you to upgrade several devices with a single click

Capabilities of a Driver Booster

Driver Booster comes with a long list of features :

- Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP are all supported.

- There are millions of application drivers supported.

- The software doesn't need to be manually updated at any time
a new driver is added to the database
because the definitions for such devices are updated automatically and periodically.

- The version number, size and release date of each driver you need
to be upgraded (in the Driver Details window)
 are explicitly shown next to each driver that needs to be updated, making it easier to determine
the size and age of a new driver before it is modified.

- The device name, type, vendor, current and available version
Hardware ID and Compatible ID can all be 
exported to a TXT format, which contains the device name, class, vendor, current and available
version, hardware ID, and compatible ID.
- To render installation as simple and fast as possible, installation windows and other pop-ups are
- The seriousness of the upgrade is labelled on the list of drivers found in
 Driver Booster, with Very Old and Old being two examples.

- When the update is complete, the device may be set to automatically Reset or Shut down.

- Modern drivers still appear, but in a different segment than the old ones.

- - On the home screen, the number of days after the last scan appears with Driver Booster.

 - It also looks for game elements that are out of date, such as Microsoft DirectX Runtime.

- You can have the software uninstall driver packages after they've been used by an update using a setting in the configuration, which is a simple way to ensure it's not gathering unnecessary garbage files.

- Tool is a component that contains tools for repairing sound glitches, network faults, cleaning up data from unplugged machines, and resolving resolution problems by cleaning up driver data. There is also a section called "System Files" that displays information about the device and operating system.

Driver Booster, Investigated

Driver Booster is definitely your best bet if you're looking for a simple driver updater. We didn't have any issues with downloads during our trial, and installations have never resulted in BSOD errors or bricked hardware.

Since the changes aren't released from a web server, you won't have to manually uninstall the drivers as you would for other driver updater software. That's far too much of a hassle, and it can discourage certain people from upgrading their cars. It may even lead to people clicking the wrong update address.

The software would not be able to search properly unless you have an active internet link (some driver updaters do not need a network connection to scan).

It will appear to be running, but without network connections, it will actually search without using any factual update data, resulting in an inaccurate collection of updates being shown (or none at all).

Since there is a paid version of Driver Booster, some functionality of the free version is limited. For example, the professional programme has more driver upgrades, and features like automatically installing and backing up drivers, as well as automatic programme updates, are not included in the free edition.

Note: During the initial installation, pay close attention to what you're clicking. You may be asked to instal a programme on your machine that has nothing to do with driver updates.


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